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   • Massive 150-ton capacity for offroad vehicle weighing.
   • Extremely-high 70-ton Concentrated Load Capacity (CLC*).
   • Each Yukon™ scale deck features immense fabricated steel beams for superior strength.
   • Extra-thick heavy-duty steel deck plate. Optional 8-inch concrete deck also available.
   • Stainless steel compression-type, environmentally-sealed (IP68) load cells built in Cardinal's state-of-the-art load cell manufacturing facility in Webb City, MO.
   • Available in impervious hydraulic or electronic scale types.
   • Your choice of 12, 14, or 16-ft extra-wide scale platforms to easily accommodate off-road vehicles.
   • Durable baked-on, anti-corrosion powder paint provides a long-lasting quality truck scale appearance for unmatched environmental protection.
   • Legal for trade (NTEP) in commercial applications.
   • Cardinal also offers a host of peripheral equipment such as side rails, weight indicators, remote displays with traffic lights, and vehicle weight management software.
   • Cardinal Scale's in-house truck scale delivery fleet of semi tractor-trailers are ready to deliver your YUKON™ scale right to your job site for installation.
*Concentrated Load Capacity (CLC) is a term defining a scale’s ability to weigh loads concentrated in a relatively small area to replicate loads applied by a truck’s axles. The large trucks used in mining and excavation support their heavy loads on a relatively few number of axles thus concentrating the total load in a few small footprints on the scale platform.
A substantial CLC rating is necessary to ensure that a loading pattern produced by trucks
like these is accurately measured.
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