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IF YOU'RE IN THE BUSINESS OF MOVING MOUNTAINS ONE TRUCKLOAD AT A TIME, then Cardinal’s extreme-duty YUKON™ is your truck scale of choice. Designed and built specifically for the mining industry and offroad vehicle weighing, the NTEP legal-for-trade YUKON™ features an amazingly-high, 70-ton concentrated load capacity with extra-thick, heavy-duty steel deck plate. Featuring extra-wide concrete or steel decks, the YUKON™ employs Cardinal’s compression-type, environmentally-sealed (IP68) stainless steel load cells built in the company’s state-of-the-art load cell manufacturing facility in Webb City, MO.

• Massive 150-Ton Capacity
• Extremely-High 70-Ton CLC
• Impervious Hydraulic or Electronic
• Durable Baked-on, Anti-Corrosion Powder Paint

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